14% Day Trading Gain -

14% Day Trading Gain With AVCT Today!

In the pre-market American Virtual Cloud Tech (AVCT) around 9:28 Am the price was $2.28 and then by 9:29 am the price was $2.30. As soon as the market opened the stock price went up to 2.35 then went all the way down to $2.07. I was researching three stocks in the pre-market and this was the only stock out of the three that went up during the pre-market. Once I identified that this was the potential runner for the day I already had my order in place to purchase 4518 shares at $3.30. 

When my price target didn't get reached the stock went up to 2.35 and then went down to $2.07 I was able to catch the stock going back up at $2.10 and was able to ride the stock back up to $2.44 for a 14% gain for the day.

I had confidence in taking this trade because the stock was going up in the pre-market and it went up when the stock market opened. Usually when a volume leading #1 or #2 stock goes up in the pre-market and the open market the odds of it continuing going up has a high probability.