22.5% day trading gain -

22.5% Day Trading Gain With SYTA

Yesterday in the premarket Siyata Mobile Inc. (SYTA) the price was $4.15 around 8am Est and right before the premarket close at 9:28 AM the price rose to 4.55. I've been tracking pre-market data for 90 days and usually in the premarket if the stock is up over $1 and increases from 8am to right before the open at 9:29am more than likely the stock will tend to keep going up.

I set my limit order at $4.63 so I can catch it going up. When I set my limit order I wait until the price gets close to my target price. You have to be careful with setting limit orders far away from your price target because your order can get fulfilled lowered than what you wanted and if the price turns around and goes down you could lose money. Just by waiting and letting the stock get closer to your target price can help you make more money or save you money due to your order not being processed because the stock never reached your target price.

With SYTA I was able to set my limit order to $4.65 and I got in at $4.63. I rode the stock up to 6.00 and was able to end the day with a 22.5% gain on that trade. Pre-market data is powerful. If you analyze it right it can increase your odds significantly to have a successful trading day.