22.62 Percent Day Trading Gain From NTRB -

22.62% Day Trading Gain From NTRB

In the pre-market NTRB was on an uptrend from the pre market open at 7 am EST and it kept going going up. NTRB stock was up over 30% before the market opened. I set a limit order about 15 cents above the premarket price at 9:29am. And sure enough the stock went up and then came down to my limit price.

I was able to get in but it ended up going down about 2.5% I knew I had to be patient and let the stock play and as the volume the stock price rose and I was able to ride the stock up for a nice profit of 22.62% for the day. 

Pre-market research has been a vital part to me having winning trades. If done right you can have a higher win rate and your odds of having winning trades daily can increase significantly. This was my last stock trade for 2021 and was definitely a great way to end the year out. I look forward to 2022 being a remarkable year.