8.5 percent stock market gain -

8.5% Stock Market Gain Today With EFOI

Energy Focus (EFOI) in the pre-market at 8am the price of the stock was 3.15. Right before the open at 9:29am the price rose to $3.55. I placed a limit order at $3.57 so I could catch the stock going up. As soon as the market opened it ran up and I was able to take a profit of 8.5%% today I invested $10,271 to make $873 profit for the day.

The pre-market data was critical in making my decision when choosing this stock. the pre-market behavior patterns indicated the stock was on an uptrend. I placed my limit order right above the open price and didn't place my order until the stock reached my target price. I was able to purchase 2877 shares and was able to purchase all of my shares today.

Sometime when it's a limited amount shares available to sale only a portion of your order will get fulfilled and the remaining balance is waiting on hold until your price target gets reached. Be very careful when this happens I would recommend canceling the remaining amount shares that didn't get fulfilled because you can catch the stock going down to get back to your price and you could lose money.

Make sure you always pay attention when this happens this can be a costly mistake. Luckily for me that didn't happen and I was able to walk away with a decent profit today.

I can't stress this enough. Always make sure to analyze pre-market data before the market opens it can help guide you on making better decisions before the market opens. It also allows you to already have your orders ready before the market opens. The earlier you get in before others the better.