9.7% Stock Market Gain -

9.7% Day Trading Profit With KTTA

In the pre-market this stock KTTA was up some percentage points and was the number 2 stock out of my stock scanning list. At 9:28Am EST it took the #1 spot and out of the three top stocks it was the only one that kept going up. When I saw this I immediately put in a limit order at $2.05 which was above the price of $2.00 before the market opened at 9:30 AM EST. 

I was able to purchase 5500 shares. The stock price went from $2.05 to $2.27 generating nice profit of 9.7%. I was able to catch this trade by planning ahead and doing pre-market research. Doing pre-market research allows me to identify the potential behavior of stocks and helps me increase my odds of picking a winning stock.

By preparing in the pre-market allows me to have my orders pre-set before the market opens so I can get into trades earlier that other traders. It's less stressful and has allowed me to increase my win rate daily. Planning ahead in the stock market can make you rich.

I also learned to always have my entry and exit points planned ahead as well. Sometimes different stock brokerage trading platforms can lag in time. If you don't have your price entry and exit ahead of time you could miss out on some major profits.