A Better Way To Place Stock Limit Orders -

A Better Way To Place Limit Orders

The way that I place stock limit orders is by planning ahead, for example lets say EXPR stock price is $3.50 so I would place my limit order at $3.75. What I learned about limit orders is that your stock order could be fulfilled up to the price your trying to get. So if the price only reached $3.60 and then went back down your order would be fulfilled at $3.60 instead of your target of $3.75. 

A better way to placing limit orders is to already have you order planned ahead before the market opens and wait until the price gets close to your target price then place your order. If my target price was $3.75 I would wait until the price surpassed $3.73 then I would place my order. Doing this increases your chances of getting the price you want. It also protects from losses if the stock turns around on you and goes down. If the price were to hit $3.60 and go down your order would never get processed because your still waiting to process your order until it hits $3.73. 

By implementing this method every time you place a trade will help you have more winning trades and reduce the amount of your losing trades because if your price never comes you lose nothing.