how to win win the market is down -

How To Win When The Market Is Down

Today CFVI was the money maker today. In the premarket the stock was on a down trend but when the market opened it went up and then came back down. I've identified that when volume leading stocks opens on an uptrend it tends to go back up or higher or at least come right back to the open price.

For this stock I remained patient and waited for it to bottom out and then I was able to trade the stock back up for a decent 5% gain. Researching stocks in the premarket helps you identify the potential behavior of the stock. If in the premarket the stock its moving up and down by more than 1% more than likely it will have a similar pattern during the regular market times of 9:30am to 4pm EST. 

When  you know how the stock is performing in the premarket you can be more patient with trades and only get in when you know the time is right. Being patient and letting the stock bottom out before my entry allowed me to generate a 5% gain today.

Robinhood is a good resource to check our for real time pre-market data. When you can understand the behavior before the market can you that extra edge to win for the day.