New Trading Methods -

New Trading Methods

This new stock trading method is called the break even method. We always place limit and stop orders. Initially we place our stop loss at 1% but as the stock price increases over 2% we adjust our stop loss to break even. If we get into the trade early enough we can be patient with our stocks that run. Now once your price passes 3% or more you can adjust your stop loss up to 2% to lock in profits. You always want to give your stocks enough room to run to maximize your profits. The early you get into to a stock the better. If you get in early enough you can max out more of the profits than others.

Another technique I use is with limit orders. Instead of just placing my limit orders I already have my limit orders set up above the open market price. I only place my limit order when its 5 to 10 cents away from my order. Sometimes when you place a limit order too soon the stock can go down and you can lose money but by just being patient and letting the stock get closer to your limit price increases your chances of having a successful trade. Practice makes perfect no book or blog is better that hands on training. So open up an account today and get started.